A Note to the Skeptics

A Note to the Skeptics

I know you are out there … the family that has tried everything over many years to “fix” their child’s POTS or chronic pain issues.  You’ve seen specialist after specialist and no one can figure it out.  Maybe they have told you that it’s in your child’s head or in your head.  Or maybe each specialist has prescribed a different pain medication or analgesic or antidepressant/anti-anxiety medicine and now your child is medicated through the roof.  For POTS patients, maybe you feel like you’ve already tried all the traditional POTS protocols and they haven’t helped.

Please don’t stop reading my blog.  Have an open mind.  Read to the end.  You don’t have anything to lose.

The program is WAY more than just enforcing traditional POTS protocols – the neuroplasticity (rewiring of the brain), relaxation, & the socialization factors are everything.  We push each other to succeed and we witness unbelievable achievements.

Please hang in there with me – I’ll get to everything.

According to the Mayo, if you and your family are considering admission to the PPRC, please ask yourself these questions:

–Is my life focused on pain/symptoms and what I am NOT able to do, rather than what I AM able to do in spite of the pain/symptoms?

–Am I missing school and social events due to may pain/symptoms?

–Are my doctors telling me there is nothing further they can do to relieve the pain?  Do they tell me that I need to learn to get on with my life?

–Am I truly concerned about the long-term effects of taking pain medications?

–Is my family’s well-being affected because of my chronic pain/symptoms?

–Is my recovery from injury or illness taking much longer than my doctors or I expected?

–Am I not able to commit to social events with family or friends because my pain/symptoms may be higher that day?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, the PPRC may be appropriate for you and your family.

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