Mayo PPRC Daily Schedule

Mayo PPRC Daily Schedule


7:45-8am – check-in at front desk & complete morning paperwork

8-8:30am – Stretch (this is a group stretch & movement routine – parents are encouraged to attend as well)

8:30-9am – Goal Setting & Relaxation

9-10am – Stress Management

10-11am – Physical Therapy (all routines are individualized depending on the child’s needs and/or ability level)

11-12pm – Coping Strategies

12-1pm – Lunch (all the kids eat together at a reserved table and parents eat together nearby)

1-2pm – Family Program (kids & parents attend a lecture together)

2-3pm – Occupational Therapy (Teaches kids functional skills to live their lives to the fullest by helping them promote health and prevent – or live better with – injury, illness, or disability.  This is accomplished through the therapeutic use of daily/routine activities.)

3-4pm – Relaxation & Review of Goals

4-5pm – Recreational Therapy

Additionally, there are mandatory social activities every night after the program (except Wed) that run another 1-2 hours.  There are also mandatory activities on Sat & Sun.  There are many kids here who have been home bound for months (or years).  They have to re-learn socialization & the program wants very full, active days to rehabilitate them physically.  The after-hours activities have been fun and have included: laser tag, game night, ice skating, pizza & ice cream parties, archery, organized breakfasts or dinners, scavenger hunt at the mall, indoor rock climbing, & swimming at one of the hotels.

These are some photos from the archery outing:



8-8:30am – Stretch with kids

9-11am – Parent Group for discussion & lectures (M, W, F) & Rounds (Tu, Th) – (Rounds – for both parent & teen – 10-15 min with your treatment team, including your head nurse, head doctors, and key staff members.)

11-12pm – Possible class with Teens – depends on day

12-1pm – Lunch

1-2pm – Family Program with Teens

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